Wage Garnishment

Help with Wage Garnishment in Exton

If the IRS has trouble collecting unpaid taxes and hasn't received a response from you, it may decide that the only way to settle the debt is to file a wage garnishment with your employer and your employer is legally obligated to comply. When the IRS garnishes your wages, it takes a significant portion of each paycheck until it collects every penny of tax due, plus interest and penalties. This can be a real burden because the money the IRS takes could make it difficult for you to keep up on your regular weekly bills and expenses.

Stopping a Wage Levy

As with most other tax problems, trying to come to an agreement with the IRS to stop the wage garnishment on your own is likely to be unsuccessful unless you’re able to pay off the tax debt in full. Instead, contact Keystone Financial Solutions, Inc.. We understand how the IRS works so we know what kinds of payment plans it will find acceptable in your case. We will carefully analyze your specific situation and explore the most affordable options to pay your debt. Then we’ll clearly explain the different payment plans available and how they work. Once we’ve formulated the best plan for you, we’ll prepare and file the necessary documents with the IRS to end your wage garnishment.

If you owe back taxes and are afraid the IRS may garnish your wages or if your wages have already been garnished, take action now. Call Keystone Financial Solutions, Inc. at 610-594-2601 today and schedule your consultation. When you enlist the help of a tax resolution specialist it shows the IRS that you want to cooperate and find a solution to your tax problems. You can be confident that we will fight hard to get you the settlement you deserve so you can put your tax debt behind you.