"Our experience with Keystone Financial Solutions has been nothing but beyond satisfactory. We have worked with Frank the last few years on solving our situation with the IRS. Frank has been very thorough with our case and is extremely knowledgeable. His knowledge has been very beneficial to us in coming up with a resolution with the IRS. He was able to convince the IRS that its computation of what we were able to pay was incorrect and the IRS Appeals Office agreed with Frank's computation. We are confident in Keystone Financial and the service they provide. We look forward to working with Keystone in the future and highly recommend their services!" - Nathan and Misty Horst, Lebanon, PA 2021

"Thank you so much for all your help and assistance during a rather troubling time. We truly appreciate all you have done.

I will certainly be in touch with you should the need arise. I will also refer you to anyone who finds themselves in need of assistance with the IRS."

-Debbie, Philadelphia, PA 2018

“As a result of an IRS audit, I felt overwhelmed by the paperwork, demands and IRS correspondence regarding the taxes I owed. Frank and Bryan were quite sympathetic about my personal circumstances which made me feel quite comfortable working with them.

Even though I had misplaced much of my supporting documentation, they were able to negotiate a settlement with the IRS that saved me over $14,000. I also liked the fact that they always answered my questions on a timely basis and kept me informed of the status of my case throughout the process.

I highly recommend Keystone Financial Solutions.”

-J. Daniels, Wilmington, Delaware

“Words cannot express our happiness and gratitude towards you when I received your call informing me that the IRS had accepted our offer in compromise. You took a very stressful situation and made it MUCH easier. We felt VERY confident having you on our side and always felt you were on top of things, all the time. We feel you could not have handled our matter more professionally than you did.

We are so thankful to you and Bryan and would recommend you to anyone who has a tax problem. It has been a pleasure working with them.”

-Michael F., Chester County, PA

“When I had engaged your firm, the IRS had already placed a lien against my assets, including my primary residence. As a licensed professional, having a lien on my credit record would have prevented me from earning a living.

You and Bryan aggressively worked through the IRS system. It was obvious to all, except the IRS, that the lien would have prevented me from practicing in my profession, and thus I would be unable to provide for my family, let alone pay my IRS taxes.

Despite the IRS denying the request to remove the lien, you refused to accept the IRS decision and fought for the release of the lien using IRS administrative channels. When you notified me that the IRS had finally agreed to remove the lien realizing that it was in the best interests of the IRS to do so, an ENORMOUS sense of relief was felt knowing that I could continue to work within my chosen profession, provide for my family, and work out a payment arrangement with the IRS.

I am so thankful to you and Bryan and would recommend you to anyone who has a tax problem. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

-Michael F., Chester County, PA

"Frank and Keystone Financial Solutions, P.C. have provided exceptional services for my family and me. Most notably, I made a serious omission in the documentation sent to Frank for our 2011 Federal Income Tax Return. Frank, however, had no way of knowing or determining that this omission was made. Consequently, his office, as usual, did an excellent of documenting and preparing our tax returns.

In 2013, we received notice from the IRS that we were negligent by not submitting all required documentation for our 2011 Return. Therefore, we owed a substantial amount of additional tax, and a significant monetary amount in penalty fees. We immediately paid the additional tax, but wrote a letter to the IRS indicating that the omission was unintentional and requesting the IRS forgive the penalty. Needless to say, our letter produced no sympathy from the IRS Auditors. I then contacted Frank and advised him of the situation. Through his counsel and expertise, we were able to identify extenuating circumstances that for the most part, caused the document omissions. Frank then coordinated all further replies and submissions to the IRS, citing their own regulations and ultimately obtaining an abatement of the tax penalty in question. Obviously we were elated with the professionalism and expert service we received from Frank and his company. He was with us from the start to the finish of this very stressful period and did a fantastic job. Frank and Keystone Financial Solutions have our gratitude and have definitely earned an outstanding recommendation from us."

- James & Lois Anderson, McDonough, Georgia

"Frank and Bryan: Thank you both for your sentiment and concern! I never knew what I was missing until we switched accountants and selected your firm after much research. For an accounting firm to be so concerned as this - I am amazed at your level of service and caring for your clients. By far the best decision I made for my companies and family was to come to Keystone Financial Solutions. I know now I absolutely made the right choice - and for that alone I will be forever grateful for all your support and kind concern. It means a lot to us and the financial well being of our companies."

- Bill Staudt, President, Meetings 2000 Inc.

"I don't often do this - however, I just want to say that my tax guy - Frank Haarlander at Keystone Financial Solutions offered exceptional service to me. I had some tough tax situations after Charles died, and some incredibly difficult problems to solve. I was not an easy client, often anxious and sad. However, Frank hung in there with me and helped me bring all of this to a happy conclusion. If you have any financial or tax situation that you need assistance with, I heartily recommend Keystone Financial Solutions. When was the last time you thought your tax guy was your hero?"

- S. Van Scoyk

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