IRS Tax Audit Help

IRS Tax Audit Help in ExtonThere are many reasons that a person can get flagged for an IRS audit. Mathematical errors made when preparing your tax return, forgetting to report a portion of your income or claiming too many charitable donations could make the IRS want to double check your numbers.

Did You Receive an Audit IRS Notice?

The idea of being audited by the IRS is scary for any taxpayer. If you’ve received an audit notice from the IRS and aren’t sure what to do next, contact us immediately. We can review your notice and explain what it means and what needs to be done now to adequately prepare. Then we’ll be with you every step of the way to tell you about what to expect throughout the process and help you locate and organize the documentation needed for the audit.

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Get Help from a Tax Professional for the Best Result

Representing yourself before the IRS may be the single worst mistake you can make. The second worst mistake is to hire someone, such as your tax preparer, who does not deal with the IRS on a daily basis. Remember, the IRS auditor has done this many times before. You and an inexperienced tax preparer do not understand your rights as a taxpayer and can easily be intimidated by an IRS auditor. When you turn to Keystone Financial Solutions, Inc. for help, the audit process will go much smoother. As tax professions who specialize in tax resolution, we are able to anticipate the issues that the auditor will raise and will have prepared how best to respond to those inquires in advance of meeting with the auditor. While every response is always answered honestly, it is done in a manner that doesn’t raise red flags. With our assistance, you can minimize any taxes owed resulting in a much better outcome for you.

Even if you’ve filed your tax returns on time each year and feel you’ve done nothing wrong, the IRS may find an unexpected error. Audits are sometimes random but usually the IRS specifically selects which taxpayers to audit. If they feel your return is likely to provide an opportunity to collect additional taxes they will come after you, so make sure you’re prepared. For audit help in the western suburbs of Philadelphia you can count on, call us at 610-594-2601 now.